Friday, June 27, 2008

Wardrobe Tips For Your Online Dating Photos

Whether you choose a professional headshot photographer for your online dating photo or you decide to go it alone, you will need to make your photo as attractive as possible. But what is the right look for online dating photos? The answer depends on who you want to attract. Here are some suggestions to help you dress for online dating success.

First of all, decide what type of person you want to meet. You might want to meet a professional; a sporty, outdoors type; a book or music lover; or someone who values designer labels. The first tips for making a success of your online dating photos is to wear the kind of clothes that appeal to the person you’re trying to attract. If you want to attract a professional, dress like one. If you’re drawn to the outdoors type, a more casual look may be better.

Choosing Clothes For Online Dating Photos

Whichever look you go for, avoid excessively patterned clothes. These will steal attention from your face, which is the most important part of an online dating photo. Most members of an online dating site look first at the profiles with photos, so this is your best chance to make a good impression.

Instead of patterns and checks, go for solid colors. These can be either dark and neutral (which may be better for the professional image) or bright (to make your photo stand out.)

When people look at your online dating photo, they will pay attention to your eyes. Avoid covering your eyes with large sunglasses. You should also avoid anything that hides your face. Pull hair off your face and don’t wear large hats. If wearing jewelry, keep it understated. In short, avoid anything that takes attention from your face.

Setting Up Your Online Dating Photo

Once you’ve decided on the look you want, it’s time to set up the photo. Try to get good lighting. Early morning and late evening sunshine are flattering, if the weather is good. Otherwise, take your online dating photo in a well lit room. If you use a professional headshot photographer, he or she will be able to light the studio so you look your best.

Leave friends and family at home (except for your chosen photographer) and take the photographs on your own. When your photo is posted online, you want the people who see it to know who they should be looking at. Having other people in the photograph takes the attention off you.

Once you’ve chosen the clothes and location and set up the lighting, there’s only one more thing to do to make sure your online dating photo stands out. Smile: this is guaranteed to get attention, as most people are attracted to a smile.

by:Tiffani Smith