Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Should You Look For Relationships Through Online Dating?

This was the big question of my life last year. Should I look for relationships online? To be honest, I had a pretty big attitude about online dating sites. I have friends and family who have been hurt in relationships that started online so I was against the whole idea of it.

Then I turned 37 and realized that in the last three years I hadn't met even one decent guy in my town who I would like to date. I thought I should consider moving to a bigger city or risk being alone forever, but I like where I live. I like my home, my friends, my work.

So I turned my attentions to the internet. I figure this is all about expanding my range of possibilities without having to change locations. I've been participating on two of the big online relationships websites now for the last ten months. I've met some nice guys and I've met some real neanderthals. I haven't felt any intense emotions about any of them yet but I am having a good time. The key for me is to take it slow and protect myself every step of the way.

Now, should you look for relationships online?

There are people online who I am convinced should not be in the online dating market. Mainly, they're desperate. Desperate people, both men and women, see what they want to see in other people and they end up making mistakes. I can't believe the number of people I've just met who are emailing me to tell me about their engagement after just a few weeks or a couple of months. I'd like to be happy for them but I just can't help but worry that they've gotten too serious too quickly.

You might be thinking to yourself, 'Hill, aren't you desperate? Isn't that why you're looking for a husband on the internet?' At almost 38 I am definitely starting to feel some anxiety about the whole single thing - but I'm not desperate. I want to meet and marry the perfect guy for me and if that isn't going to happen, I will be just fine on my own.

That is why I think my online search for a man is a healthy one. Because I don't need him to make me happy. I am happy. I would just like to be happy with someone else who is happy to. Then we can live happy together.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Great New Ways To Say "I Love You"

Anyone who has been in a relationship for a significant period of time can tell you that eventually you and your partner will settle into a comfortable routine together and will share so many things that often communication simply isn't needed at times. Has your partner ever given you "The Look?" Married men, you know what I'm talking about there - the "Look" sends even grown men into panicked confusion. You know when you receive The Look that you are in trouble for something. Women, has the man in your life ever paid more attention to you than usual? Has he suddenly become a lot more loving and caring? And you generally know that this means he's either done something wrong, or is "in the mood". We get to know our partners so well that often we assume that things go without needing to be said, which unfortunately includes those 3 magic words, "I Love You".

Especially when you have been in a relationship for a very long time, you naturally assume that the other person knows that you love them and wouldn't be with them if you weren't in love with them. And after years of being together, you may still say "I love you", however it is said with the same tone and with about the same intent as if you were saying "Good morning" to them.

Love is one of the most potent, and most life-changing emotions that we as humans feel. Therefore, to communicate your love for someone else is often a difficult task as no one can really describe what love feels like. However, it is important for you to make an effort to communicate your love to your partner in unique and interesting new ways so that they are aware of how sincere and deep your love is.

One of the ways you can show your deep love for another person is a love letter. Especially in this age of technology where emails send our thoughts and feelings instantaneously with the click of a button, instant messengers allow us to speak to each other from thousands of miles away, and people carry phones everywhere, the simple act of taking the time and effort to actually write out a love letter to your partner can be one of the most sincere and touching things you can do. You don't have to be flowery and romantic, and you don't have to worry about what sounds right or wrong. The very fact that you took the time to write it down on paper (which is so much more permanent than emails or text messages!) shows that you truly care about that person. While you can be elaborate with scented and printed stationary, or very basic and jotting it down on a notepad, the thoughts behind it will still get through.

Another wonderful way of saying I love you is to constantly let the other person know you are thinking about them. Again, when you get into a long-term relationship, you are probably easily distracted by other things and you know your partner will always be there for you and that creates a sense of security where you don't feel the need to constantly remind them of your thoughts. However, people in general love attention and shows of affection. So whether it's leaving little notes around the house, giving short shoulder rubs, hugging, or just letting them know you appreciate them, there are a thousand little ways you can constantly remind your significant other of your love for them and your recognition of their being in the relationship with you.

Also, you can always "freshen up" an old relationship by throwing new spice into it. Do something together that you haven't done since you were teenagers or just beginning to date. For example, when is the last time you just did some serious necking with your partner? Without worrying about getting past 3rd base, that is? And you can also have dates, go see events that interest you both, or even just open up communication about things you have never told the other person about before.

Finally, be sure to share some activities with your partner. Find something you both would like to do, but have never done together, such as horseback riding, playing video games, making a website together or something else that can bring you together in a close way and allow you to share in the happiness of the moment. Relationships may get old and even boring after some time, so be sure to keep things fresh and exciting and remind your partner just how much you appreciate them being in your life!

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Greatest Language of Love

Love, is where two hearts meet and knit together through happiness and sadness. Love can make many hearts skip with excitement yet love can also cause many broken hearts. It takes little effort for one to become a romantic partner. The many creative and interesting ways to add romance in relationship can be readily found in books, magazines, and the internet.

It takes great effort for those in pursuit of a deeper love relationship that could survive many unprepared and unexpected storms. Many will readily say “yes” when asked whether they are romantic lovers. However, few will admit that they are consummate lovers that does not seek the returns of love but are willing to devote their lives in giving true happiness to the person they love.

Whether you are in love, falling out of love or have never been in love, it is never too early or too late to learn the greatest language of love. Learning to love is a growing process. It always starts off with the special feelings that could not get your mind off from thinking about the special person. If such feelings are experienced by the two persons who are about to fall in love, it leads to an eclectic stage where both eyes and hearts are strongly magnetized towards each other. Great deal of time is now spent together as the sparks of love turn into burning flames; where romance is at its peak.

However, this journey of love which initially took off to Caribbean beach; surrounded by sunset and paradise, soon landed on the pathway of reality. The flames of love have gradually smothered as the demands and expectations of life set in.

For some, the flames have smothered into shimmering sparks similar to that found in the fire flies. These sparks are soon carried by the fire flies to ignite another flame with someone else. This is when love causes heartaches and trust, betrayed. Yet for many, the flames have smothered into dust, leaving the relationship dry and dull.

This is when the very core of love is tested. The survivability of the relationship is no longer depended on whether roses are given or romantic candle light dinner is prepared. It is about whether the relationship can survive the storm with determination and commitment to help each face the storm; as well as unconditional and sacrificial love to give hope and faith in surviving the storm together.

In facing such relentless storm that could break or build the relationship, what is the greatest language of love? Most conservatists will opt for the most classic language that is widely spoken, from youthful passions to mature companionships, a language that has touched and warmed many hearts: “I Love You”!

As simple and classic as it may sound, some took great bravery to confess it; some said it casually to create momentary romance that soon fades away; while many have said it again and again, to the point of death that life has ended well because of the power of love.

This indeed is the greatest language of love. Not spoken with selfish and manipulative intentions but with the deepest desire to cherish the moments spent with your loved one, to be a pillar of strength though various seasons of life, and to hold on tightly to each other even at the point of diminishing hope, because after the storm is gone, sunrise and sunset will soon appear.

The storm is here but a moment. The sunset and sunrise last a life time for as long as both hearts keep guarding the flames and never put it off……“till death do us part”.

Friday, June 27, 2008


In comparison to the larger iPod, people always say that for 50 dollars more you can get 5 times the space. Well, frankly, for most people, 1000 some songs is a lot of songs. All my favorite songs only take up about 120, and all my songs period are about 380 songs. People are always in awe when I tell them I have over 350 songs on my mini, and then they always ask, "How many can it hold?" and I respond with about 1000. Not one person has ever said, "Well that's not enough songs!".

When purchasing the iPod Mini you are purchasing it for its ergonomics and portability. It's a small unit, but isn't so small that it becomes unworkable (even in the hands of a 6'2" man), and it is heavy for its size but its weight is still negligable. When you apply pressure to the surface of the mini, you can really feel the substance of the unit, as opposed to other mp3 players that feel like they'll yield to just a little bit of pressure.

When I first got my mini, it just felt like the right size. Then later that week I saw one of Creative's mp3 players, and took note of its size. The mini is about 8 times smaller than the Creative player.

The backlight is bright, bright enough to illuminate a wall in full darkness, but not so bright as to become blinding. There are games, handy features for calenders, contacts, and notes, and it's incredibly easy to install and use iTunes.

Some people say that the sound quality of the iPod mini is sub-par. This just isn't true. The equalizer of the player is sub-par, but it gives wonderful neutral tones in highs and lows. It just becomes problematic if you jack the bass up too high and the like, (as is the trend with most music nowadays), but if you just run it with the EQ off it sounds wonderful.

Individual Fundraising

When you are doing individual fundraising for a personal cause such as breast cancer research, multiple sclerosis, AIDS charity, or even personal medical expenses, you need proven fundraising ideas. Here are six ideas for individual fundraisers.

Dinner Party
An easy way to raise funds is to throw a dinner party. You can make it a gala event, a potluck supper, or even a spaghetti dinner for hundreds of people. Use your creativity and design one that you feel comfortable doing.

Line up a suitable location and publicize it well ahead of time. Selling tickets in advance at a discounted price is a great way to ensure a sellout. Include raffles, door prizes, and auctions for extra funds.

Car Wash & Bake Sale
Why not do a one-two punch of two successful fundraisers in one? Car washes can easily $600 to $1,000 in a single Saturday and you can boost that by offering lots of home-baked goodies.

Keep drawing new customers by avoiding the appearance of a long wait. To speed things up, wash cars in multiple lines. Offer the baked goods to all your customers. An easy way to do it is to have everything out on tables where drivers wait while their cars are washed. Sell small boxes for $10 that they can fill up with their selections.

Holiday Home Tour
Ever want to see inside some of the latest new homes or tour the best houses of the local historic district? So do lots of other people and it's surprisingly easy to make a great fundraiser out of a themed tour.

For instance, new homes displaying the latest interior design fashions can be set up for fundraising. Sell tickets that allow access during a select time window such as week or ten-day timeframe. Builders then sell the designer houses either furnished or just decorated with great colors, draperies, etc.

Or, you can arrange a 'candlelight' tour of the Historic District to benefit your cause. Work with the neighborhood association to find homeowners willing to open their homes for a single night. Do guided walking tours in small groups and point out significant sites along the way.

'No Talent' Show
A twist on the standard talent show is doing one where everyone can demonstrate their lack of talent. Karaoke routines are popular as are wild dance moves and magic tricks. It's all in good fun and you can award prizes based on audience response, best costume, worst performance, etc.

Charge performers a small entry fee and attendees an admission fee. For extra profits, sell food and drinks, offer silent auction items, and don't forget to have a donations jar at the ticket table.

Themed Dance
Dances can be great fun and great fundraisers. All you need is a theme, a place, and some music. Possible themes include Roaring Twenties, Sixties, Disco, New Wave, Pop Tarts, Dancing With The Stars, Dancing Under The Stars, etc.

Whatever time period or fashion disasters you choose, live music will draw a bigger crowd than having a DJ will. Book a band that can cover the hits of that particular era and add promote heavily.

Add extra fundraising with silent auctions, wine tastings, whiskey tasting, catered dinner, slave auctions, and anything else that fits.

Fashion Show
These make a great mother/daughter event, but you can also take the fun route and include the Almost Queen For A Day men's beauty pageant for laughs during intermission.

Work with area stores and designers to line up an appropriate selection of fashions that will appeal to large audience. Include a catered lunch and silent auctions of donated goods and services. You could also work with your business partners to put together a live auction of some donated designer clothing.

Individual Fundraisers Summary
There are lots of individual fundraisers that you can put together fairly easily and still raise significant amounts of money. All it takes is a little event creativity and you're in business.

Add as many additional fundraising activities to your event as possible. Raffles, auctions, donations, sponsorships, sales, and discounts are among the most popular methods.

Draw a big crowd by publicizing your event with a press release, email campaign, newsletter, and by having everyone involved work their contacts. Most of all, make it a fun individual fundraising event that captures attention and supports a great cause.

by:Kimberly Reynolds

Wardrobe Tips For Your Online Dating Photos

Whether you choose a professional headshot photographer for your online dating photo or you decide to go it alone, you will need to make your photo as attractive as possible. But what is the right look for online dating photos? The answer depends on who you want to attract. Here are some suggestions to help you dress for online dating success.

First of all, decide what type of person you want to meet. You might want to meet a professional; a sporty, outdoors type; a book or music lover; or someone who values designer labels. The first tips for making a success of your online dating photos is to wear the kind of clothes that appeal to the person you’re trying to attract. If you want to attract a professional, dress like one. If you’re drawn to the outdoors type, a more casual look may be better.

Choosing Clothes For Online Dating Photos

Whichever look you go for, avoid excessively patterned clothes. These will steal attention from your face, which is the most important part of an online dating photo. Most members of an online dating site look first at the profiles with photos, so this is your best chance to make a good impression.

Instead of patterns and checks, go for solid colors. These can be either dark and neutral (which may be better for the professional image) or bright (to make your photo stand out.)

When people look at your online dating photo, they will pay attention to your eyes. Avoid covering your eyes with large sunglasses. You should also avoid anything that hides your face. Pull hair off your face and don’t wear large hats. If wearing jewelry, keep it understated. In short, avoid anything that takes attention from your face.

Setting Up Your Online Dating Photo

Once you’ve decided on the look you want, it’s time to set up the photo. Try to get good lighting. Early morning and late evening sunshine are flattering, if the weather is good. Otherwise, take your online dating photo in a well lit room. If you use a professional headshot photographer, he or she will be able to light the studio so you look your best.

Leave friends and family at home (except for your chosen photographer) and take the photographs on your own. When your photo is posted online, you want the people who see it to know who they should be looking at. Having other people in the photograph takes the attention off you.

Once you’ve chosen the clothes and location and set up the lighting, there’s only one more thing to do to make sure your online dating photo stands out. Smile: this is guaranteed to get attention, as most people are attracted to a smile.

by:Tiffani Smith

Top Foods For Burning Fat

It seems everyone these days is looking for the best foods to burn fat. Just eat those particular foods and see the fat melt away, or so we wish! Of course, it just isn’t that easy. But, research does indicate that certain foods seem to help burn fat when used sensibly.

The reasons vary for why some particular foods are better at burning fat than others. Some foods are thought to increase metabolism, some seem to satisfy cravings so that we don’t overeat, and still others work wonders because they are rich in Vitamin C or contain lots of fiber. However, most people looking to get rid of fat don’t care about the scientific details; they just want to know what works!

Instead of looking at specific foods, let’s look at the top categories of foods that tend to burn fat. For instance, some lists of top fat burning foods include cayenne pepper. However, there are several other similar foods that could also be listed such as garlic and mustard, which all fall into the category of spicy foods. Thinking in terms of these broad categories will give more variety in choosing foods to help burn fat.

Here are some of the top categories of fat burning foods:

• Spicy Foods – we already mentioned foods such as cayenne pepper, garlic, and mustard. Cinnamon and ginger should also be included in this group.

• Protein – lean meats such as turkey and chicken, very lean red meat.

• Essential Fatty Acids – best sources are fish, salmon, tuna, herring, mackerel, and sardines.

• Dairy – low fat and nonfat milk, cheese, and yogurt, eggs, especially egg whites.

• Fruit – apples and berries, bananas, citrus fruits, especially grapefruit.

• Green Tea – natural and safe to use, it helps to rev up the metabolism.

• Water – good for you in so many ways, it’s necessary to flush the burned fat out of your system.

• Vegetables high in Vitamin C – these include broccoli and cabbage, celery, carrots.

• Soybeans – considered by many to be the newest wonder food, soybeans can be found at most health food stores.

• Whole Grains – oatmeal, brown rice, whole grain breads.

The above list is by no means all inclusive. And it has to be said that you can’t expect to just eat some of these foods and then sit around while the fat burns away. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way. As in all nutrition and dieting programs, a combination of proper diet and exercise is the key to healthy weight loss. But being aware of the food categories that can help burn fat will guide you in adding more of these foods to your diet.

by:Linda Hinkle