Friday, June 27, 2008


In comparison to the larger iPod, people always say that for 50 dollars more you can get 5 times the space. Well, frankly, for most people, 1000 some songs is a lot of songs. All my favorite songs only take up about 120, and all my songs period are about 380 songs. People are always in awe when I tell them I have over 350 songs on my mini, and then they always ask, "How many can it hold?" and I respond with about 1000. Not one person has ever said, "Well that's not enough songs!".

When purchasing the iPod Mini you are purchasing it for its ergonomics and portability. It's a small unit, but isn't so small that it becomes unworkable (even in the hands of a 6'2" man), and it is heavy for its size but its weight is still negligable. When you apply pressure to the surface of the mini, you can really feel the substance of the unit, as opposed to other mp3 players that feel like they'll yield to just a little bit of pressure.

When I first got my mini, it just felt like the right size. Then later that week I saw one of Creative's mp3 players, and took note of its size. The mini is about 8 times smaller than the Creative player.

The backlight is bright, bright enough to illuminate a wall in full darkness, but not so bright as to become blinding. There are games, handy features for calenders, contacts, and notes, and it's incredibly easy to install and use iTunes.

Some people say that the sound quality of the iPod mini is sub-par. This just isn't true. The equalizer of the player is sub-par, but it gives wonderful neutral tones in highs and lows. It just becomes problematic if you jack the bass up too high and the like, (as is the trend with most music nowadays), but if you just run it with the EQ off it sounds wonderful.